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Par Baked Pepperoni
and Cheese Rolls

Par Baked Pepperoni & Cheese rolls are baked to 80% completion in our Bakery ovens, then they are cooled, packaged, and frozen.  THE ROLLS NEED TO BE THAWED BEFORE BAKING AGAIN.  The Customer then just needs to "toast them off" at around 350 degrees (ovens vary) for about 5 to 6 minutes. What you get is an incredible tasting Pepperoni and cheese roll that's unlike any other. The dough resembles more of a pizza crust dough. The Rolls are great as is, but some of our customers like to add dipping sauces or insert another West Virginia favorite: Oliverio's Peppers.  Just cut the roll in half and stuff with chili, cheese, marinara, or peppers and enjoy.  You can also brush the rolls with melted butter and sprinkle with some garlic parmesan (or other seasoning) on top. They come 36 rolls to a case: packaged in 6 (six packs)

Due to the perishability of the Par Baked rolls, we do not feel comfortable shipping via common carrier.  These rolls are only available to our Distributors  and for customers who can pick them up at our Bakery.

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